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In Texas, parent-taught driver education (PTDE) offers a unique and personal way for teens to fulfill their driver education requirements directly under their parents' or guardians' tutelage. This program allows for a more flexible, personalized learning pace and environment, which can be particularly beneficial for families with busy schedules or for students who may benefit from a one-on-one learning experience. Here's an overview of what the PTDE program involves and how Get Drivers Ed can support families in Texas opting for this route.

Understanding PTDE in Texas

Texas law permits parents or legal guardians to teach the driver education course to their own teens, provided they meet specific state requirements. The PTDE program consists of two main components: the classroom instruction phase and the behind-the-wheel training phase.

Requirements for PTDE

  • Eligibility: To teach a parent-taught course, the parent must have a valid driver's license, cannot have a conviction for driving while intoxicated in the last seven years, and cannot have six or more points on their driving record.

  • Course Approval: The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) approves certain courses for PTDE. Parents must choose an approved course to ensure their teen fulfills the state requirements for driver education.

  • Instruction Guide: Parents must order the PTDE program guide from the TDLR, which outlines the legal requirements and provides a framework for the course.

How Get Drivers Ed Supports PTDE in Texas

Get Drivers Ed offers TDLR-approved online courses that align with the PTDE requirements, making it easier for parents and teens to navigate the driver education process. Here's how we can help:

  • Comprehensive Online Content: Our courses cover all the necessary topics, from traffic laws and safety to driving techniques and emergency responses, ensuring a well-rounded education.

  • Flexibility: Since our content is online, teens can progress through the classroom phase at their own pace, allowing for a more customized learning experience that fits into the family's schedule.

  • Interactive Learning: With engaging multimedia content, quizzes, and interactive activities, teens can enjoy an interactive learning experience that reinforces key driving concepts.

  • Behind-the-Wheel Training Support: Although the hands-on driving practice is led by the parent, Get Drivers Ed provides guidelines and log sheets to help parents structure the behind-the-wheel lessons effectively.

Getting Started with PTDE in Texas through Get Drivers Ed

  • Register for the Course: Sign up for our TDLR-approved PTDE course on the Get Drivers Ed website.

  • Order the PTDE Packet: Before beginning the course, order the PTDE packet from the TDLR website, which includes essential information and forms.

  • Begin Classroom Instruction: Start the online classroom portion of the driver's education at your own pace.

  • Log Behind-the-Wheel Hours: Follow the TDLR guidelines for logging the required driving hours with your teen.

  • Complete the Course: After fulfilling both the classroom and driving hour requirements, your teen will be ready to take their driving test.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Choosing parent-taught driver education in Texas with Get Drivers Ed means choosing a flexible, comprehensive approach to your teen's driving education. With our approved courses and supportive resources, you can confidently guide your teen to become a safe, responsible driver.

Ready to embark on this journey with your teen? Visit Get Drivers Ed today to explore our PTDE courses and start the rewarding experience of teaching your teen to drive.


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